Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Am Silver

Much to my surprise, despite how my sibs whined on how I wanted to spend my birthday, they went along with it, well, almost.

I desired hibernation for my day!
What? Sign of aging! Lol.

We had been going out on my birthday for the last couple of years, and I thought: Why not take a breather this year?

I know My Favorite Cousin is very much instrumental to that decision, since I do miss her so bad, and not having her here just feels wrong.
But as they have all pointed out, she would have wanted me to just go out and have fun.

Anyway, I told them that we could go if we have somewhere to go.
But since none of them could think of a place to go, I get my sleeeeeeep. :))

Like that wasn't enough to make me special, they gave me surprises! Haha.
I know!
I felt, and still feel, btw, very much loved.

First, they surprised me at midnight.
And I could swear I was so clueless.
It didn't get to me that they were very much awake that late at night.
I know surprise is sort of a thing for us.
But I'm always a part of the surprise; I always help stage them.

So, yes, they caught me off guard.

My aunt asked me to do an errand for her, and the next thing I knew was there was a small cake waiting for me in the kitchen.

Second, another aunt surprised me.
Despite my desire to sleep through the day, we found out we had to attend to a symposium that day.
And so we did.

Just before it ended, I got a call from my aunt asking me where I was.
I told her I wasn't home, and I could just get my present on Monday.
To my surprise, she called me up again to tell me that she would wait for me.

I know, I know. It didn't have to be so urgent. Haha.
All the more reason I was moved.
I mean, the gift could wait, or she could just drop the gift off.
But instead, she waited for me.

When I got home, a big box was waiting for me.
And it sure did drive me cray-cray!

She explained that both she, and her daughter, My Favorite Cousin, wanted to see my reaction.
I could swear it got the better of me.
It didn't matter that my aunt was taking a video while I open every single wrapped chocolate, that people could see me.
All I know is I'm ecstatic!
I kept jumping for joy!

Third, just before I ended my night, My Sibs gave me another treat.

I thought my sister was kidding when she told me they have another surprise, but no, it was legit. :))

25 candy-sprinkled choco-dipped marshmallows, and every single one of them has a message from my loved ones.

I know!
Like the marshmallows weren't sweet enough, right?
They even had to contain sweet thoughts.

Fourth, another thing that really surprised me, our helpers gave me two gifts each.
Even my family was surprised!
They didn't have to, but they did!

They are all just too sweet!
And they love me too much!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bowl Of Happiness

We took advantage of the holidays, and went bowling last week.

It was my first time,
and boy, wasn't that amazing!

It was a bit embarrassing at first to keep missing the pins.
The balls were especially clingy to the gutter; I suspect they have an affair or something.

Yet again, it was amazing; my family enjoyed it to the maximum level.

We enjoyed it too much we got back this morning.

And albeit I was proven to be the weakest of them all when it comes to bowling, there's just no saying 'no'.

I remained at the bottom during the first 2 sets.

But I kept jumping for joy during the third and last set.

I'm sure I didn't learn anything, but I kept hitting the pins.

They were surprised while I was soooo pleased.

We better do it again, or I'll go crazy.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

i missed blogging!

But that's not the main reason I'm blogging right now.
I somehow feel this will be therapeutic for me. -- That is.

You see, I started my year with a heavy heart, not knowing I'll be ending it with an even heavier heart.
And since I'm no good in confiding, I might as well spill here; because I just might explode one day. All these bottled up feelings are literally giving me heartaches.

So, here it goes:
My cousin who I consider 'The Best', and the closest to me decided to work in Dubai.
I could swear my heart broke when I heard about it.
She, of all the people, needs the job overseas the least.
She's extremely blessed in all aspect, including financial. Both her parents are doctors.
Her dad, a maritime doctor; and her mom, running a clinic they own.
She claims it's her dream to work abroad; and wants to do it while young.
And albeit her happiness is my happiness, it's just hard to let her go.

I mean, Dubai isn't just an hour or two from the Philippines. It's hard not to worry about her.
Considering she's the only girl of her parents, I don't know how she managed to get their approval. I never gave mine!

I don't want her to feel bad, but this is just too much for me to bear.
Apparently, separations and goodbyes are not my thing. I'm really the worst at them.

Hence all this blabbering.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Amber's Candyland Party

Okay, being an aunt had always, always been a dream of mine.
But being the eldest in our family, that dream seemed so far, until of course, Amber, my sister's daughter came.
I could swear she's a dream come true for me.
Not that my daughter ain't.
But having to dote on a baby without worrying about tantrums, and all the downs that come with him/her, that's the dream!
Also, I have always fantasized being called 'tita' ever since I was in high school. Haha.

So, I knew I'd love her since day 1.

Which is why her 1st birthday was no joke.
We did exert some effort there. Haha.

I was very much involved. :))

Exhibit A: Invitations
From the brainstorming, to production, I was involved. The distribution, yeah, that was the mother :))

Exhibit B: Balloons
These candy balloons sure are perfect for the theme.
And I really did have fun making them.

Exhibit C: Cupcakes
My sisters and I baked a bunch of cupcakes for the party. :)

Exhibit D: Dress
My favorite :)

Exhibit E: Embellishment
I felt like that cupcake was a necessity :))

Exhibit F: Tarp
My forever duty, I guess :))

Another one of my favorites:
The Cake
An extravagant gift from My Favorite Cousin ;)

My niece wasn't just showered with candies, but also with LOVE.

Friday, November 1, 2013


I have come to love Undas!
Undas or All Souls Day, though often celebrated during All Saints Day, is pretty much a family reunion to me.

It is customary to visit our Dearly Departed's remains on that day.

Dinner before going home

Got myself a new job! :))

My Favorite Cousin's Bribe:
Starbucks :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Grand Grandparents' Day!

Usually, we spend Grandparents' Day at home.
Our cousins, together with their parents, would arrive at home with take-out foods.
Yep, one of the many perks of living with the granny! :))
This time is different though.
It was indeed "Grandparents' Day".

Our Paternal Matriarch decided to visit her late husband, our lolo.
Sure that was unusual.
The cemetery is an approximately 2-hour drive; we only get to visit twice a year at most: All-Saints Day, and death anniversary, if time permits.
But yes, she decided to visit him and give us a treat :))

Just to be clear: That's not our lolo over there.
We just found that pseudo grave hilarious :))

And the treat?
Oh, boy! Isn't Buffet 101 really a treat!

This one gave me a mark, btw.
They now and always remember me as the one who puked.
Though I could swear I didn't.
We all just thought I was going to :))

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fairy Party

We got invited to a fairy party!
Need I say more? :))

Tutus make me crazy!
That's why I just had to make them tutu fairy costumes.

Since I have always wanted a pair of barefoot sandals for her,
I made her one! :)

Making their tutus and flower crowns definitely was a pleasure to me.
Sure that was HARD!
My fingers got sore, in fact.
But I just loved how they turned out, and how they were a big hit!

My daughter won The Best Costume Award, even.

Jorgen von Strangle was present, btw.

My daughter's pixie dust was all over the place,
I shone bright like a diamond. 

My fairy got sick.